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Stefanos Sifandos primarily considers himself a ‘Relational Alchemist’ – Where he is able to achieve transformation in a relationship through conscious connection. Stef is an international speaker and author. He works closely with people developing acute skills around cultivating a deep connection to self through vulnerability, masculine/feminine ‘whole’ emergence, empowerment and sovereign leadership. He guides individuals in connecting wholly and authentically in relationships. He holds degrees in Behavioural Science and Philosophy; a Master degree in Environmental Science and Commerce (focus on Entrepreneurship and Leadership development).

Stef facilitates transformational growth, improves and evolves the quality of your relationships through proven methodologies of neuroscience, neuro-empowerment practices, integration of ancient esoteric principles of relating and understanding the world, western psychology, and deepen spiritual practices.

Stef has now created programs, systems, models and methods from the above ethos and praxis to enhance the quality of peoples lives, their relationships and in essence bring them closer to their full their potential

Stef understands that without relationships we have very little sense of not only who we are but our capacity to express authentically in this world.

For the last 15 years, Stef has been at the forefront of innovating the Global Health and Wellness Industry, whilst being a sought after innovator in the personal transformation, relationship, and leadership space. Through varying profound experiences and having the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best coaches and educators.

Stef now implements a robust, broad and unique perspective on exploring peak human states and optimal relationships whilst also leveraging the most from the body, mind and heart integration. Stef’s extensive knowledge has seen him become a well-respected mentor and trainer to some of Australia’s top professional sporting teams, professional individual athletes and professional world champion fighters, Olympians, gold medalists, and elite special forces soldiers.

Stef is also qualified in the areas of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psych-K®, Vira Tantric Principles & Masculine Ethos Philosophies (Agama Yoga), Hypnosis, public speaking, Reiki, group facilitation, training and assessment, varied high-intensity training methodologies, physical and psychological conditioning, and performance coaching. He also holds extensive experience in the areas of Ayurvedic medicine, life coaching, mindset coaching, and holistic health. Stef embodies all of this interconnected wisdom and experience to facilitate authentic and connected leadership development programs globally.

Stef strongly believes in the connectedness of all. By questioning and deeply reflecting upon our actions, relationships, thoughts, behaviours, and self-created systems we are then able to positively influence and affect all aspects of our being. This phenomenon occurs best when knowing the fullness and intricacies of the mind, its illusions, and its functions and being able to express authentic vulnerability through the heart.

Alongside authorship and social commentary, Stef applies and dedicates himself diligently in creating innovative, culturally relevant and applicable frameworks related directly to evolving humanity’s sociocultural and socio-economic frameworks. With this in mind, Stef believes in equity for all living beings and considers himself an ambassador of Earth, justice, equity, access to resources and the evolution and flourishing of life.

“Human potential has no scale of measurement or limit but rather lends itself to the realm of infinite possibility. Belief and exploration of self is in actuality an exploration of the Universe in its entirety.” S.Sifandos.

Welcome Stefanos, thank you for coming on board with us, can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Stefanos, I play in the realm of relationships. I am a firm believer of healthy intimate relationships being a powerful catalyst for global transformation. My mission is to bring deeper levels of presence, leadership, and consciousness in everything we do as men, whilst creating a new paradigm of powerful and healthy masculinity.

I have been immersed in deep men’s empowerment work and intimate relationships, I merge the best of eastern and western methodologies and philosophies to promote balance, sacredness, and power in life. Using integrative techniques and methods, such as neural-empowerment, I have created programs, models and systems to enhance the quality of one’s life, intimate relationships and in essence, bring one closer to their potential.

Having worked with elite special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medallists, some of the best fighters (multiple world champions), working with men from all around the world and leveraging physical challenge, I truly have learned much about the male condition. Having also traversed the depths of my own pain, suicidal thoughts and fears profoundly, I have overcome destructive patterns and has faced multiple ‘ego deaths’.

By restructuring and reframing my own masculinity and movement through the world as a man relating to myself, women and my purpose, I have discovered and created methodologies for navigating the often difficult path of contemporary manhood.

Through a deeper connection to God, Earth, and self, I realised the power of the human spirit. We often avoid challenge, fear, and pain, however, for the modern man (now more than ever), they are tools for transformation that help us heal universally. I believe in merging the power of the feminine spirit with masculine presence and contribute meaningfully in creating a more homeostatic reality for us all.

Can you talk us through the path you have pathed to where you are now as a relationship alchemist, an international speak and author?

Like many of us, my path has been volatile, turbulent and violent. I was raised in a largely abusive household, that really shaped much of who I was, related to myself and others and showed up in intimate relationships as an adult. I yearned for deep and meaningful connection, to be accepted, I felt isolated, not understood and alone so often. It was truly painful.

Our voids often become our values. And so I am who I am today because I yearned to have those experiences as a young boy – connection, meaning, truth, honesty, clarity, and intimacy. I had to move through tumultuous experiences as an adult in relationships also to gain a deeper awareness of who I was being to myself and to others. I had to reframe my values and reshape the essence of who I was, reconstruct my core beliefs and really look at my behaviour, which was replicating my childhood.

I was volatile, unpredictable and disrespecting of the people that were truly in my life showing up. I was unfaithful in my relationships, used pornography, alcohol, entrepreneurship and excessive fitness as numbing agents to forget my past and mask my pain. I wore many masks and lost myself in a sea of not knowing who I truly was. Coming through this required deep attentive work for many years and it’s still a journey, however, the foundations I have laid have been a catalyst for deeper propulsion in my truth and how I serve today.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I have a set of rituals that involve connecting with my beloved in an intimate and appreciative manner (this could be eye gazing, gentle tough, deliberate synchronised breathing and so on), hydrating my body, breath work, a silent and stillness praxis, reading and movement of my body (this includes bowel movement and physical exercise). Sometimes this exercise is at high intensity, other times it is lower intensity. The breath work will be cycled depending on my objectives.

Can you explore to us what the neuro empowerment practice is and what it entails for your clients?

Fundamentally, neuro empowerment is a deeper level of coaching and sharing knowledge and movement towards embodying wisdom. It considers our latest understanding of the psyche and how it functions as an integrated whole with the body, emotions and neurology and others.

Cognitive science is the study of thought, learning, and mental organisation. Neuro empowerment, therefore, focuses on removing you as a blocker to your own success – I help people get out of their own way. I also incorporate elements of eastern mysticism and philosophy with western psychology and neuroscience.

What it entails slightly varies with each group or individuals, however essentially includes elements of: improving our emotional intelligence, enhancing communication techniques, moving with energies, practicing mindfulness, learning new and relevant skills and restructuring old cognitive and social coping strategies, mastering self-efficacy, reformulating core belief systems, reorganising and reframing memories, trauma and challenges and much more.

Can you give us 3 ways in which we can learn how to live a meaningful life just by evolving the quality of our relationships?

When we evolve the quality of our relationships we experience growth within our own selves. This lays the foundation for exploring the meaning and truer fulfilment. We can live a meaningful life by:

Being more attentive to the needs of others and ourselves. Being authentic in how we show up to the world allows others to see us for who we are, without second guessing
Nurture yourself. Be kind to you! Speak to yourself with compassion and empathy
Move your body and respect the vessel. Demonstrate to the world and to you that you value who you are and from here, you can explore deeper aspects of life

What are the common misconceptions about alchemy?

That it is something that happens fast. Alchemy or transformation is about the process. Speed is not a priority, it is secondary.

What can we expect at your Wanderlust Adventure and Soul Play Retreats if we were to book to go?

Wanderlust Adventures and Soul Play Retreats are two arms of an experience that promotes immersion and getting away from the grind of everyday life. Deep growth and expansion. You will be challenged and you will leave being a completely new person. Deeper empowered with a greater connection to all parts of you (even the ones you don’t like so much). Wholeness is at the core of these immersive experiences.

Number one rule in business you stick by?

Take my time. I don’t rush anything, I take my time building relationships, deeper understanding, and context to the decisions I make.

How do you define your own success?

Willingness. I have been willing to explore my pain, my fears, the unknown, the uncomfortable and everything in between. Willingness to see beyond the façade has helped me an empowered man.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

Take responsibility for who you are. Read, learn, research, spend time with yourself and with other brothers. Create a brethren of men that see you. To be your own man, one must context and one’s identity is relative to his primary peer group. Surround yourself with healthy brothers in order to learn how to be your own man. The time of the lone wolf is over…

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

So much! July 17th and mid-October, 2019 I have my journey officially launching. An 8-week online immersive for men creating community and teaching men to be healthy men, through 8 powerful principles of uncovering masculinity in contemporary times.

I am getting married to my beloved. My fiancée and I are also teaching 4 live events, inclusive of a retreat in Hawaii open to anyone as a couple of spots remaining. 2 x 1on1 deep dive conscious mentorship (private coaching) opportunities are available and working on some other projects also that I am very excited about!



Instagram: @stefanossifandos