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Lewis Bailey is a master of mind, body and lifestyle coaching, his proven teaching techniques and remarkable transformations, make him highly sought after by many individuals who want to optimise a healthy and fulfilled life. 

As one of the UK’s premium experts, his clients include high impact athletes, professional sportsmen, celebrities and high performing individuals. Lewis has helped over 17,000 people transform and reach their potential, through adopting a three-dimensional approach of mind, body, and life.

An advocator of Tony Robins and Simon Sinek for over 10 years, his mindset philosophies have helped thousands of people find their purpose and drive to live a fulfilled and balanced life. Lewis’s contagious passion for healthy living has led him to become an author, motivational speaker and people’s advisor to large organisations around the UK.

With his unique experience and education from some of the world’s leading coaches, nutritionists, and therapists, Lewis is now adopting the latest digital fitness technology to expand his scope to help more high-performance individuals attain a powerful mind, fit body, and remarkable life.

Hey Lewis, can you introduce yourself to us?

I am lewis bailey, a former personal trainer of 18 years. I am a life, body and mind coach. I help busy entrepreneurs and athletes who are great at taking care of business, but not so great at taking care of themselves. I work with these people through my ‘Mind Body And Life Project’ coaching program.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

I left HMRF at 23 after spending 7 years in the army and I came into a career of personal training straight from leaving the forces. It seemed to ba e natural progression to me, as I was coming out of the forces so I was very fortunate.

I then developed my educational career by seeing some of the best therapists and career coaches across the world that then helped me to develop my own personal skills in order to then apply then my own clients.

Having acquired these skills over the past few years, I now look at things a lot more dynamically and a lot more outside of the diet and exercise field as there are far more components in my aspect. I have now moved my services away from prsonal training and more so offer my services as a mind body and life coach.

I now have my own private studio in Liverpool city centre which basically funds and runs itself, though I am looking to move more online for both products and services so it sits my next step forward in my career.

You have recently launched your own fitness company, how much research did you do before launching?

Well, I have been going a long time now, but with that side basically, I didn’t do any research prior to moving on to my personal training career. However, my advice to somebody who is looking to start a career in health and fitness is based on the whole reason as to ‘why’ you are doing it, which helps you move forward throughout your whole career from that point onwards.

How is your fitness company funded, is it bootstrapped, self-funded ect? 

I got a business loan when I first started that helped me in the beginning essentially, however over time I have paid that back and now remain self-funded. I am in a position now that all the assets of the company are owned by myself.

What 3 day-today fitness essentials can we do at home if we don’t have the time to go to the gym?

  1. The first thing is to look at some form of functional training where you are doing multiple joints exorcises. This will help you stay functional over time and help you stay focused in life. 
  2. In terms of time committed, physical activity needs to be done every single day. You need to find the things that you really enjoy in life from an active point of view because that is what will make the biggest difference. It’s not all about going to the gym, it could be a walk in the park or an exercise routine you can do in the house, swimming or climbing or even cycling.
  3. The important thing is to stay consistent in being active, the more you stay active then the more longevity you will have in life and the fitter/healthier you will be. 

What are you offering that is different for your clients?

Most people take a one-dimensional approach to health and fitness which is primarily diet and exercise. for me that is way off if you look at people, we live three-dimensional lives, therefore, we have so many social aspects, and so many things going on with our lives that in essence are going against us. So we have to look at a three-dimensional solution to any kind of problems that we have. instead of just focusing on diet and exercise we have to focus on all components of life. We Look at your mindset, your diet, and exercise and also your lifestyle as its the combination of all those things working well together that will help an individual achieve their goals.


How do you give a tailored personalised experience so your clients are gaining the maximum benefit?

A simple case of assessing each individual person within those areas I just mentioned, find their weakness within those areas and put a plan in action to help them move forward from those components that are holding them back in their lives.

Where can you see yourself within the next 3-5 years?

I am looking to have over 100,000 people subscribe to my ‘Mind Body And Life Project’ free programme. Part of my purpose is to help people all over the world to develop a strong mind, a healthy body and to live a life of fulfilment.

What are the key tools that you use for your trade?

Mobile phone and laptop.

What outlets do use to promote yourself?

All of the social channels, and then moving people through my product decode system where people can then gauge through my content (emails, videos etc.)

What or who inspires and motives you?

I am inspired by all kinds of people such as educators all over the world. I am really inspired by people who are the leading the way in their field. One of the key people who I think inspires me the most is Simon Sinek. In terms of what motivates me, that is all down to my own life purpose.

How do you define your own success?

I would define my success on how close I am towards achieving my own life purpose. For me, to help inspire as many people as much as I can across the world and to see it have a significant impact is what is important.

What does #BEYOUROWNMAN mean to you?

It’s about freedom and moving towards your own purpose. Life is tough, but so long as you can grant yourself that freedom in being able to move towards where you want to move in your life.

Finally, what else are you working on throughout 2019?

  • My ‘Mind Body And Life Project’  free programme.
  • My online programme.
  • My ‘Athlete And CEO’ programme which is for high performers.



Instagram: @lewbaileyfitness